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                                 About Us

Amelia Duran
Property Manager / Realtor Associate
Cell: 863-446-0578

My name is Amelia Duran. I have been a resident of Florida for about 30+ years; specifically in the Highlands County area and this has been home for my family and I. I currently live in city of Sebring with my husband and 3 beautiful boys. Family means the world to me and is a gift from God and will always be priority in my life. I have worked hard and been very determined my whole life, especially working in the customer service industry for over 1years. From selling vehicles, to auto insurance, to real estate, I have done my best to give my all for my customers and the agency.

In 2014 I began working full time in the Real Estate business as an assistant for a local property management company and fell more in love with the business day by day. Since then, I have learned a great deal about behind the scenes of the real estate corporation world and still learning as the days go by. Not only falling in love with the job, but with the fresh faces and their families I helped and come in contact with, received smiles and thank yous improved my knowledge in the business, but gave me such joy and happiness to know that i was an asset to someone's fresh new look on life. Now, as a Realtor/Property manager myself, with the help of a wonderful company.

I am here ready, willing and able to serve you. Not just you but also serve your family, your clients and other persons in your life, Let's make an experience with properties be as smooth as possible. Whether it's selling your property, buying property, or managing your rentals, I am here for you!!

Aslec "Alex" Vazquez
Office Coordinator


Aslec’s roots from San Juan, Puerto Rico, and he has been a resident of Orlando, FL for over 18 years before relocating to Sebring, FL in 2021.Prior to embarking into the Real Estate/Property Management, Aslec  gained his skills in the retail industry, demonstrating successful management of stores with revenue ranging from $500k to $22mil.

In 2022, he developed a profound passion for the Property Management & Real Estate industry while assisting his wife. This experience evoked memories from his time in the retail industry, and it was truly a “love at first sight” moment. Aslec firmly upholds the belief of surpassing expectations to ensure that each client receives the utmost care and attention. Drawing from his extensive background, he is now poised to apply his expertise to the world of Real Estate/Property Management, guaranteeing unparalleled customer service for everyone he serves.

With Aslec as your property manager and/or Realtor, rest assured in his unwavering dedication, professionalism, and commitment to providing an exceptional experience for all. Reach out today and discover the remarkable difference of working with a true customer service aficionado.

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