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Full Property Management

At HOT FLORIDA REAL ESTATE, we hold our commitment to our Owners in high regard. Our mission is to alleviate the burdens associated with property management, including tenant affairs, maintenance requests, and vendor interactions. We firmly believe that our Owners should enjoy peace of mind without the stress of property concerns.

• Advertising: We promote your property through various channels including social media and popular real estate websites like Zillow,,, Trulia,, and, as well as our own Hot Florida website.
• Showings: We coordinate all property showings with potential tenants.
• Tenant Screening: We ensure the selection of qualified tenants by verifying their income, conducting background checks, assessing their credit history, and reviewing their rental history.
• Financial Management: We handle the collection of monthly rent, late fees, and security deposits.
• Maintenance and Repairs: We manage all maintenance requests and collaborate with vendors to ensure timely and effective repairs. Our vendor coordination extends to services such as lawn maintenance, plumbing, electrical work, HVAC services, roofing, and flooring.
• Property Inspections: We will coordinate move-in, move-out, and property renewal inspections to maintain the condition of the property with OnSight PROS (Additional fee is required).
• Owner Disbursements: Disbursement of funds related to your property.
Lease Execution: We facilitate lease agreements drafted by Attorney Harry Heist.
• Tenant Notices: We handle the posting of notices to tenants, including 3-day and 7-day notices as required.
• Integration: We seamlessly integrate your property, tenant, and owner information into our Rent Manager system for efficient management.
• Portal Access: Owners have access to our online portal where they can view statements and invoices. Tenants also have access to this portal, allowing them to make online payments and request service calls effortlessly. 

Lease Only - Need help finding a tenant?

The “Lease Only” package is best for those who are off-site or want to delegate some of their tasks. Our leasing services include:

• Marketing the property so that potential tenants can see it
• Showing the property.
• Accepting applications.
• Running background checks.
• Preparing documents (Written lease by Attorney (Harry Heist).
• Collecting security deposits and the first month’s rent.
• Forwarding documents and money to you.

Once the lease has been executed, funds have been collected and the key has been turned over to tenants, we hand the property back to the owner.

Property Management Fees

One property: 65% of one month’s rent ($1000 Minimum)
Multiple property discount: 50% of one month’s rent ($1000 Minimum)

One Property: $150
Multiple property discount: $100


Percentage of Rental Income Rental Rate
12% $0-$999
10% $1,000-$1,599
8% $1,600-$1,999
7% $2,000+

Maintenance Reserve

HOT FLORIDA REAL ESTATE includes a $500.00 maintenance reserve to address any necessary property service expenses. In the event that repairs exceed this amount, we will obtain estimates from the appropriate vendors and seek approval from the property owner to ensure prompt resolution of the service issue.

We are deeply committed to the proper management of your property. Before formalizing the agreement, we will arrange scheduled walk-throughs.

We sincerely appreciate your contact with Hot Florida Real Estate, and we are excited about the opportunity to collaborate with you! 

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